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At the forefront of the partying we bravely face famously infamous Tirolean chalet fun. Does après-ski really only consist of singing, swaying, drinking, noise and nuisance? We find out.
The testing of a cliché: all ski instructors are machos and womanizers. We go undercover to find out the truth.
One local cliché is that only people from the Neolithic period are seen the Langlauf trail. We want to extend the life expectancy of these elderly folk and so set out with our emergency kit on a mercy mission.
The Tirolean water is said to make short shrift of wrinkles, crow's-feet and all other imaginable signs of ageing. Does that sound too good to be true? Never mind, we put every physical effort into checking out the cliché.
In search of the firmest calves in the Tirol, we let ourselves be guided to a fairytale forest of enchantment. The somewhat strange inhabitants of the forest seem to have developed their own peculiarities there, they differ somewhat from our childhood memories.
Real Tiroleans have yodelling in their blood. We would like to know what it is that sets off these magical sounds in the gentlemen of the species and what makes our vocal chords produce the strangest siren song of all time.